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Let’s Embed. That. Video!

When asked to pick a professional development project for the current course I am taking, I had no idea what to choose. As my professor gave the class examples and I decided to choose something that I was extremely uncomfortable with: HTML and CSS. Luckily there were a few of my classmates who also chose this path and we have been able to share resources and check-in with each other on Slack.  

Since we began to design our online portfolios I felt this would be a great resource to have but I had no prior knowledge and I was afraid I would fail. This week I really stepped into the beginning of learning HTML. With a digital story in hand, I tried to embed it with the theme on my webpage but  I ran into an issue. I decided to jump in and try embedding this video on my own! Here is how it went:

I began by downloading my video from Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark Video Processing Screen

Once complete, I uploaded it to YouTube. (You can just get an embed code from Adobe Spark but I prefer YouTube as a platform)

YouTube Uploaded

After the upload, I research at how to embed a video.

I selected “Embed” from the YouTube share screen and copied the code.

Embed YouTube code

I was able to take the embed code and put it in my about me page once I selected the code view in the settings. 

Screen View in About Me page

I published the page: Success! 

Embed code and publish screen

But…I wanted the video centered on my About Me page.

I looked in W3Schools but could not the solution so I moved to FreeCodeCamp and found a response to that question.

I was able to write the new code above the embedded code and…

Center Embed Code

The Final Product!

Final Published About Me Page

This was a simple fix and really just a chance to get my feet wet but I am proud that I was able to do it on my own and it all worked seamlessly as I know that is not always the case. 

I look forward to trying something a bit more difficult and sharing my experience learning HTML and CSS going forward. Let me know what your experience is with HTML and CSS! How did you begin your journey? 


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