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Define your Instructional Design Philosophy: I am not sure.

As I began to read through blog posts to complete an assignment I found myself on NylaXD’s blog. She is an inspiration to all new Instructional Designers and has created a Podcast specifically to help those new to the field. 

I, as well as my classmates, are in the thick of building our websites, whether they are focused solely on designing a portfolio, writing a blog, or a bit of both. Now I would like to use mine for both and I have read many how-to articles on both topics. However in the blog post, “Putting Together Your E-Learning Portfolio,” Nyla outlines a few steps that may be lacking from other informative articles. The post is to the point and easily highlights facts that should be included and are often left to the wayside. 

The reason I decided to write about her blog post is focused on her first step which is to, “Define you Instructional Design Philosophy.” I continued to read about this step and realized that I was having a hard time thinking of what mine would be, how am I going to include this when I have little experience and am not sure what is to come. I do not work in the field and never have, my closest experience is the coursework through UMASS Boston. How do I write a philosophy based on nothing? Okay, obviously a bit over dramatic but you see I was dumbfounded by the idea of having to publish a philosophy with very little to show for it. 

I would like to tell you that I figured out what I am going to say but I have not and, to be honest it is not as frightening as it may seem. The reason I am optimistic about this is because I am  learning and developing a philosophy daily. Right now it may be a short sentence but each day I realize what means the most to me as an Instructional Designer. Where do I see my passion? What do I want to do with it? I may not know 100% right now but I do know that this is a journey and I am ready to evolve as I go. 

Credit to NylaXD for the informative thinking post and Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash

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